The Art of Career Navigation


Find your strengths, ignite YOU again. Discover that place in your career that actually gets you grounded AND provides the money you need and want to make. Cultivate the awareness and energy that powers your new career goals.

Get reacquainted with YOU, the values that matter most to you, so you can nestle into that position that creates the balance you’ve been missing.

You and your career aren’t separate entities. But if you’ve been working an empty job that doesn’t fill you spiritually or mentally, you’ve suffered enough.

It’s time to take matters into your own hands so you can love what you do again. Make getting up and going to work not a chore that you dread, but something that pulls at you.

Attend the Art of Career Navigation Workshop and create the change you’ve longed for.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone who is ready for a career that really makes them feel alive
  • Anyone in a position of power who wants more, but doesn’t want to give up what they have to get it
  • Anyone who is ready to tap into every strength they have to create a career and a life that makes them feel alive

Why should you attend?

Because waking up in the morning and just filling a space behind a desk is just not good enough anymore.

Having a career that satisfies every part of your soul (and your lifestyle demands) is the only thing you should be settling for. Life is far too short to work without fire and the drive to have it all.

What can you expect?

  • Discover your true strengths and interests by looking backward to plan forward
  • Learn to navigate your company’s opportunities to find the place where your strengths shine and work you enjoy–without starting all over again
  • Develop your story that focuses on your purpose, and step into a new way to tell your story and highlight your strengths
  • Discover obstacles and solutions to them, so resilience becomes one of your best assets
  • Create a course of action and the energy to carry it out that almost guarantees that you reach your goals

What participants say…

“…engaging and thought provoking, the resilience session provided powerful insights on where we need to focus”

“…simple, concise and practical examples we can use at work”

“…linking values and strengths, something that is usually overlooked”

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