In looking over my goal list for the year, I’m on target for certain goals, but a few could use a huge matcha tea jolt to get started. (Huge and anything with matcha seem to be in vogue, this year). Here we are, February of 2017, and I’m backtracking on some goals. If I’m perfectly honest I’m riveted by the current state of political affairs US, UK, North Korea, the Philippines are all ripe for the picking. Twitter and Instagram have become addictive.

To get back on track I could, I suppose, now create another list. Or give myself a break and have new deadlines. But it’s all pretty much an excuse for not acting on it. John Steinbeck once suggested that ‘rewriting as a process is usually found to be an excuse for not going on.’

It’s the not going on or not moving forward which many of us find difficult.

Why is that?

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