Coaching Profiles

Jane Horan

With over 20 years’ experience working with MNC’s, Jane blends doctoral research and work experience in Organisational Development, combining Evidence Based Coaching and Positive Psychology to ensure talented professionals achieve their full potential.

Jane Horan

Jane works with women to build meaningful careers through successful transitions, and her career coaching helps individuals find balance and helps organisations retain talent.

Achieving sustainable change and building inclusion is a complex task for organisations and individuals, and her positive coaching philosophy with deep expertise in gender offers a unique combination for greater individual growth and organisational benefit.

  • B.A. Social Ecology and Spanish, University California, Irvine
  • M.A. Organisational Design and Effectiveness, The Fielding Institute
  • EdD. Cross Cultural Leadership Education, Bristol University
  • Evidence Based Coaching Certificate, The Fielding Institute
  • Chinese language and Culture Study, The Monterey Institute of International Studies
Coaching Approach

A combination of evidence based and positive psychology, practical and results focused.

Years of working with senior executives and doctoral research across multiple cultures, provides the foundation for coaching executives navigating organisational complexities, change, and cultures.

Irene Tsang

With over 20 years of experience in the luxury retail industry, Irene has vast experience in working closely with business units, and considered highly effective as a learning and development professional.

Irene Tsang

Irene has designed and conducted training for sales teams, customer service teams, front line managers, functional managers and leaders. She is often sought as an internal coach to market leaders.

Irene has proven ability in translating vision and strategy into actions as well as high connectivity among a range of people in terms of positions, personalities and cultures.

  • B.A. Modern Languages, McGill University
  • M.A. Comparative Literature and Buddhist Studies, HKU
  • M.F.A. Creative Writing, HKU
Coaching Approach

Fluent in Cantonese, Mandarin and English, Irene uses an integrated, transformation approach to coaching.

Empathy and reflective questions are the cornerstones of her coaching process, offering practical, actionable solutions.

Neal Horwitz

Neal is President of Henry Hale Maguire, a coaching and search consultancy based in Singapore.

Neal Horwitz

Neal has been in executive search for the past 15 years, coaching for the past 10 years, and prior to that worked with various MNCs in supply chain management in Asia and the US.

In his executive search work, he has developed a strong consultative expertise in uncovering hard-to-find talent, and assessing organisational savvy within MNCs.

His coaching work is also bespoke, and leverages his work experiences with a variety of business leaders who are active in investing towards their development.


Economics BA from SUNY Buffalo, and accreditation from Fielding University for Evidence Based Coaching.

His book, The Art of the Smart; How to Steer Your Career, was published in 2015, and he regularly writes on career management issues.

Coaching Approach

Empathy, experience, intuition and nuanced candour.

He works to first establish manageable goals, predicated on understanding which behaviours to focus on first. This necessitates understanding personality, values, desires, the realities of one’s work and life situation.

He brings clarity while challenging and supporting his coachees. It is a process of trust, borne through patience.

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