Coaching & Consulting

Transition Coaching

Individual sessions rooted in results

The corner office? Is as good as yours when we work to achieve the level of success you deserve most, to deepen your learning, and to focus on your strengths and values.

Career Coaching

Success within the first 100 days as a newly appointed leader is, in fact, possible and probable with these sessions

We work to emphasize savvy skills, examine your legacy and predecessors, to understand corporate culture, team operation and function, as well as business.

Dual Careers

Open up networks with the purpose of navigating the job search for globally mobile partners

We work with organisations and individuals to meet the needs and expectations of dual career couples through coaching, workshops and assessments.


Build inclusive and engaging work environments that stand the test of time and profit margins with the consulting package

We take companies from constantly filling out performance reviews to holding conversations that improve learning, careers, and work.

This package is ideal for:

  1. Designing the “how” of inclusion
  2. Building engagement through career conversations
  3. Designing the right tool to build an inclusive team.

These are focus areas at the Horan Group.

Simply click contact and let’s talk about the ways we can stand beside you and shift your career or corporation.

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