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Ritual Riffs

Image credits: Sonny Rollins — We all have our morning ritual. Coffee. Shower. Exercise. Meditate. Chant or Pray. Hemingway’s was to get up every morning at the glimpse of daylight, 5:30 or 6:00 AM. It didn’t matter if he’d imbibed the evening before....

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Falling off the Goal Wagon

In looking over my goal list for the year, I’m on target for certain goals, but a few could use a huge matcha tea jolt to get started. (Huge and anything with matcha seem to be in vogue, this year). Here we are, February of 2017, and I’m backtracking on some goals. If...

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Malaysian Women on the Rise

The Visitor by Norma Abbas, 1991 Last week in Kuala Lumpur, 34 women across all industries and functions gathered at the LeadWomen program to share experiences, explore strengths, and learn about savvy...

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